Weld County Kitchen
Graphic - Family recipes perfect for Sunday Dinner!  

A few years ago, Weld County Communications Director Jennifer Finch found a box of recipes at a local antique store. Those recipes will be shared on Discover Weld throughout the year. If you would like to share your favorite family recipe, please email it to and include your name and why the recipe is a favorite. Then, get the family together, grab your ingredients from a local farmers’ market, and create edible memories to enjoy at the dinner table!

Meat Loaf from Eva Krill Bacon Apple Salad from Joe Leatherman  Oatmeal Cookies   PioneerPete'sSteakRoast_Berna Gullett Rustlers'CaveFrankburgers_Berna GullettDanceHallLil'sParfaitPie_BernaGullett