Weld County Coloring Pages

Coloring is creative, relaxing, and not just for kids. So whether you are 2 or 102, Discover Weld wants to see your creative side. Each month a new coloring page will be released on this site. Color the image and send a photo of your finished masterpiece  to so we can share it with others on this page and on our social media sites. Don’t forget to have your kids and grandkids share in the fun too! Download the PDF file located on the left column of this page.


June Coloring Pages: Frederick in Flight and Greeley Stampede

Summer is here and there are exciting events happening around the county including the Frederick in Flight hot air balloon festival June 24- June 26 and the 95th Annual Greeley Stampede from June 23-July 4! Check out all of the other great events happening this month throughout the county in the “Events” tab of this site.

2012_JF_Frederick_062412_019_Coloring Page Discover Weld Coloring Page _ June_02_Stampede


May Coloring Page: Water Lilies at Glenmere Park, Greeley

When plans to build a steam-generated electrical power plant proved unsuccessful in 1908, local gardeners turned the site into one of this city’s most beautiful and unique parks featuring ponds, flowers and numerous trees including juniper, elm, birch and more. Discover Weld Coloring Page _ May By Ruby (2)_Milliken 

April Coloring Page: The Donelson House

The Donelson house, a 1860s era farmhouse located at the Fort Lupton Historic Park. The Donelson house was the home of Thomas and Laura Aiken Donelson, who came to Colorado in 1859 during the gold rush to the Rockies. To learn more about the house and the Fort Lupton Historic Park, go to

Discover Weld Coloring Page _ April

 By Charli (5), Fort Collins Emerson (4), Fort Collins Ruby (2), Milliken

March Coloring Page: The Discover Weld Logo

The Discover Weld logo is a version of the current Weld County logo (which comes from the Weld County 150th Anniversary logo created by a Weld County employee for the 2011 celebration). The map in the background is from the late 1800s and depicts the different agricultural uses of the county. Download the image at the bottom of the web page.


Asher (5), Greeley Cody (8), Greeley Kendall (10), Greeley Jennifer, Greeley Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer Kyndal (9), Greeley Kyndal (9), Greeley