Cozy Cow Dairy

Just south of the Town of Windsor, on Weld County Road 17, is a local business garnering national attention. In August 2014, Caille Gash, cheese maker and owner of Cozy Cow Dairy, was awarded two second place awards for her sheep’s milk cheeses by The Cozy Cow Dairy is located on Weld County Road 17 just south of the Town of Windsor in Weld County.The American Cheese Society. “It’s a big honor,” said Gash.

More than 240 cheese companies submitted 1,685 products in this year’s competition. Gash’s company, Coturnix Creamery, was recognized for its Fresh Sheep’s Milk Cheese and Roundabout, a sheep’s milk cheddar.

Gash explained that Coturnix Creamery is her line of sheep’s milk products that she produces at Cozy Cow in Weld County.  The sheep’s milk, however, comes from Irish Cream Sheep Dairy in Bushnell, Nebraska.

Gash’s love for cheese making began as a child. During a family vacation that included a stop at a cheese making facility, she was able to watch through windows the process firsthand. “I didn’t want to leave,” Gash said.

Gash makes a variet of handcrafted cheeses which are for sale at her retail sale, along with bottled milk, and ice cream. Today at the Cozy Cow Dairy, visitors can look through similar windows and watch the same process that inspired Gash as a 10-year-old girl.

With business thriving, Gash continues to handcraft a variety of cheeses.  Along with bottled milk and ice cream, the cheeses are available for sale at the Cozy Cow store.  “We get people who grew up eating cheese curds who are here to buy cheese curds. We get people who just want a good, solid cheddar who maybe want to buy their food locally. We get a lot of parents who want to have minimally processed milk for their kids…and we get a lot of senior citizens who had cream-top milk as a kid and that’s what they want.”

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