Red's Dogs and Donuts – Spudnuts (2013)

Red’s Dogs and Donuts in Greeley is one of the only, if not THE only, place in Colorado to get a potato-flour donut. (c) Weld County Government Type the word ‘Spudnut’ in any search engine, and you will find thousands of pages and websites about the famous potato-flour donut. Started in the late 1940s by two brothers from Salt Lake City, Utah, Al and Bob Pelton perfected the popular potato confection. Soon, Spudnut franchises popped up around the country, including a Spudnut shop in Greeley.

Over time, the franchises, including the Greeley store, closed, but the memory of the Spudnut donut lives on. When David and Beverly Cohen opened Red’s Dogs and Donuts, at 2608 11th Avenue in Greeley, many of their customers reminisced about the once popular donut. So the Cohens decided to bring the Spudnut back to Greeley.

“We used to get a lot of customers, that are older men now, that used to be delivery boys for the Spudnuts store here on 8th Avenue,” said David Cohen. “So we decided to try to get some of the original recipes, which we did get, and make them for high-altitude.”

The result? A thriving restaurant in Greeley that serves a unique combination of foods: hotdogs and David Cohen, owner of Red’s Dogs and Donuts, uses a twice-proofed potato flour in his famous fritters. All of the donuts, except for the cake and the sour cream old fashioned, are made with potato flour. (c) Weld County GovernmentSpud-Mix (as Cohen calls them) donuts.

“Our donuts are made out of potato flour and potatoes,” explained Cohen. “And the big thing about our fritter is we use a twice-proofed potato flour in it…which takes an extra almost two hours to do, but you get a good crispy outside and a soft chewy inside.”

It’s that combination that lures people to drive for miles to experience the potato donut. “I have people that drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming; Laramie; Nebraska; Colorado Springs,” said Cohen.

The reason? There are very few places, anymore, that make the once popular sweet. In fact, Red’s Dogs and Donuts in Greeley is one of the only if not THE only place in  Colorado to sell Spudnut donuts; which seems fitting given the history the potato and the city of Greeley share. Potatoes were a once thriving crop in the area. In fact, the Spud Rodeo, the precursor to the Greeley Independence Stampede, began in 1922 to celebrate the potato crop.

Located in Greeley, home to the University of Northern Colorado Bears, Cohen decided to name a hotdog after the town – the Greeley Dog. (c) Weld County GovernmentWhen you come to Red’s, bring your appetite. The average weight of the potato-flour fritter is one and a half pounds. Pair that with a quarter-pound Greeley dog, and your appetite will be satisfied!

Red’s Dogs and Donuts is located just north of Highway 34 and 11th Avenue. To learn more, visit their website at