Northern Drylanders Museum

Life on the short grass prairie of Weld County in the late 1800s was challenging, to say the least, but that didn’t stop hearty souls from traveling west and establishing towns across northern Colorado.

One of those towns, Nunn, which was incorporated in 1906, was once home to a blacksmith’s shop, a hotel, lumber yards…even a corset shop. And while the shops may be long gone, the town has preserved its history and is home to one of Weld County’s best museums: The Northern Drylanders Museum.

Through the donation of family histories and artifacts, as well as the volunteer time of local residents, this museum is a wonderful community effort that illustrates what life was like on the prairie at the turn of the century.

Indian artifacts, a covered wagon, a replica homestead shack, a tractor yard, a telephone operators booth, a one room school house, and more, can be seen at the museum.

Open on weekends from April to October, this museum showcases an amazing collection of artifacts that will take you on a “journey through the history of early settlement on the High Plains of Northern Colorado.”

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