Miners' Memorial Museum

The energy industry has enjoyed a long history in Weld County. Oil and gas production in the county continues to grab headlines as new technology has revitalized the Wattenberg Field and the Niobrara Play. Few people, however, realize coal was once abundant in the southern part of Weld County, and the mining industry thrived here from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

The Miners’ Memorial Museum, located in Frederick, is home to numerous displays and artifacts highlighting the area’s mining history. (c) Weld County Government Carbon Valley, which is made up of the towns of Frederick, Firestone, Dacono and Erie, was once home to numerous mining operations and attracted immigrants from both Europe and Latin America.

Today, the history of coal mining in southern Weld County is preserved in Frederick’s Miners’ Memorial Museum. The museum, located at 143 5th Street in Frederick, is full of displays that illustrate what mining  Artist Victor Issa’s sculpture, “Daddy’s Home”, honors the mining families that called Weld County home. (c) Weld County Governementwas like at the turn of the century. Lanterns, hand drills, pay stubs and other artifacts give a glimpse into the life of a coal miner. A memorial outside of the museum honors the men that once lived and worked in mines, while a statue honors the miners’ families who called Weld County home.

To tour the museum, please contact Frederick Town Hall at 720-382-5500. Admission is free, and a museum volunteer will accompany you on your visit.