Fritzler’s Corn Maze (2013)

The Fritzler Corn Maze is located at 20861 WCR 33 in LaSalle.

For 14 years, families in Weld County and throughout the Front Range have made their way to Fritzler’s Farm in the fall to enjoy pumpkin patches, corn mazes and good old-fashioned fall fun.

“This year will be even bigger and better than ever,” said Glen Fritzler.

Each year, the farm adds new activities for visitors.

“We started in 2000,” said Fritzler, “ and to be honest, the ‘90s were not very kind to us here in Weld County, especially in this area. We got a lot of hail, and we lost a lot of money in the ‘90s.

“The maze opportunity was presented to me in ‘98. After another bad year in ‘99, and I was finally like ‘I’m going to have to diversify a little bit more.’

“We approached the maze company and started working with them in 2000, and we are Pig races are a new attraction at the Fritzler Corn Maze this year. so thankful and so glad we did that. Sometimes a bad situation can force you into a good situation, and that’s what happened with us. We are really thankful for that.”

Originally the farm featured the maze and a pumpkin patch, but today the farm hosts a variety of activities for visitors including zombie paint ball, a you-pick-‘em pumpkin patch, zip line, quad bungees, a giant slide, a barrel train, the corn box, pig races, camp fires and more.

“If you are one year old to 100 years old, you can do something here and have fun,” said Fritzler. “You don’t even have to go into the cornfield, you can just stay out here and enjoy the courtyard…I can’t wait!”

The maze is located at 20861 WCR 33, LaSalle about seven miles south of Greeley on Highway 85.

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