Fort St. Vrain

2013_JF_FortStVrain_081313_001 While visitors can tour two of Weld County’s original fur trading forts, Fort St. Vrain is now marked by a stone monument.

Like Fort Vasquez, the St. Vrain Fort was built in the early 1800s near the present-day location of the town of Platteville.

According to a web site run by Joe Pinner (, “St. Vrain's Fort was a major trading post on the Platte River until 1848…It was the site of the first post office and first courthouse for what would become Weld County, Colorado. “Time would see the Fort’s demise as it was abandoned and years later the land was dedicated to farming.

On September 17, 2011, members of the Marcellin St. Vrain family, along with Weld The Fort St. Vrain monunment was rededicated in 2011, the same year Weld County celebrated its 150th anniversary.County Commissioners Bill Garcia, Sean Conway and Doug Rademacher, celebrated the rededication of the St. Vrain monument. The rededication marked the 100th anniversary Fort St. Vrain Trading Post which was originally built just north of what is now Platteville.

To visit the monument, take Weld County Road 40 west from Highway 85. The road, which passes through private property so please be mindful and respectful, dead-ends at the monument.