Cozy Cow Just south of the Town of Windsor, on Weld County Road 17, is a local business garnering national attention. In August 2014, Caille Gash, cheese maker and owner of Cozy Cow Store, was awarded two second place awards for her sheep’s milk cheeses by The American Cheese Society.


Farmers’ Markets Summer time is Farmers’ Market time in Weld County! Whether you are looking for farm fresh produce, hand-crafted soaps, locally produced honey or unique craft items, your local Farmers’ Market won’t disappoint.


Fort St. Vrain  While visitors can tour two of Weld County’s original fur trading forts, Fort St. Vrain is now marked by a stone monument. Like Fort Vasquez, the St. Vrain Fort was built in the early 1800s near the present-day location of the town of Platteville.


Fort Vasquez  Fort Vasquez, one of four fur trading forts built in Weld County in the early 1800s, is located just south of Platteville between the south bound and north bound lanes of the highway.


Fritzlers Corn Maze For 14 years, families in Weld County and throughout the Front Range have made their way to Fritzler’s Farm in the fall to enjoy pumpkin patches, corn mazes and good old-fashioned fall fun.


Colorado Model Railroad Museum is home to one of America’s premier model railroads. Located between the Union Pacific mainline and the Great Western regional line in downtown Greeley, this museum is home to an impressive 5,500 square foot model railroad that draws visitors from across the country.


Historic Fort Lupton is located just west of the town of Fort Lupton off of Highway 85. This historic fort offers  visitors a chance to step back in time and experience life as it was in Weld County during the early 1800s.


Miners’ Memorial Museum, located in Frederick, highlights southern Weld County’s rich coal mining history. Displays and artifacts illustrate for visitors what mining in Weld County was like at the turn of the century.


Missile Site Park, located just west of Greeley and owned by Weld County, the Missile Site Park offers a unique opportunity for the public to tour a once active Atlas E missile silo.


Northern Drylanders Museum in Nunn is a true Weld County gem! Experience life on the prairie in the late 1800s through an impressive collection of artifacts and family histories collected and preserved at the museum.


Pawnee National Grassland in northern Weld County is home to hiking, camping, and, believe it or not, world-class birding. District Ranger Lori Bell talks about the history of the grassland and the activities visitors can enjoy on the Pawnee.


Poudre Learning Center, located in north Greeley, offers opportunities for visitors to stroll through prairie grasses, observe waterfowl, learn about the river’s ecology and more!


Red’s Dogs and Donuts is home to the only place in Colorado that sells the Spudnut donut. Located in Greeley, Red’s has brought back the beloved potato-flour donut much to the delight of people across the Front Range. Learn why people drive for miles just to get a taste of a potato donut.


The Wild Animal Sanctuary, located in Keenesburg, is home to more than 300 large carnivores including lions, tigers, bears and wolves. Thanks to Sanctuary founder Pat Craig, these animals have been rescued from dire conditions and are experiencing a second chance at a new and better life in Weld County.