Graphic_Parades Pick any weekend during the summer months and you’ll likely find a festival or a parade taking place somewhere in Weld County. We celebrate all kinds of things: potatoes, beef and beans, Independence Day, harvest, you name it. And the best thing is, everyone’s invited. Festivals bring together friends, families, communities and anyone who wants to celebrate all that’s good about life in Weld County and Colorado. These family-friendly free events will be sure to delight young and old alike, so come on over and make sure you don’t miss any of the fun!


Town Festivals 2016

Ault Fall Festival

Date: August 5 – 7
Location: various locations in Ault

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Carbon Valley Music and Spirits Festival

Date: August 6
Location: Centennial Field under the blue water tower
Address: 123 South Forest Avenue
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Eaton Days

Date: July 8 – 10
Location: various locations in Eaton
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Erie Biscuit Day

Date: September 17
Location: Downtown Erie
Address: Briggs Street
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4th at Firestone

Date: July 4
Location: Miners Park
Address: 226 Grant Avenue
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Fort Lupton Trapper Days
Date: September 9-11
Location: various locations in Fort Lupton
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Frederick Miners Day

Date: September 17
Location: Crist Park
Address: 105 5th Street
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Garden City Bootleggin’ Days

Date: August 19 – 20
Location: Garden City Park
Address: 621 27th Street Road
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Greeley Potato Day

Date: September 10
Location: Centennial Village Museum
Address: 1475 A Street
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Earl Anderson Memorial Rodeo

Date: June 18 – 19
Location: Main Street and the Rodeo Grounds
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Hudson Festival

Date: June 18
Location: Hudson Memorial Park
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BBQ Day Celebration

Date: June 4
Location: Various locations in town
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Keenesburg /Into the Wild Running Festival

Date: June 3 – 4
Time: Start times depend on race
Location: The Wild Animal Sanctuary
Address: 1946 County Road 53
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Kersey Days

Date: August 5 – 6
Location: Kohler Farms on Friday and Centennial Park on Saturday
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LaSalle Days

Date: July 16 – 17
Location: various locations in LaSalle
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Milliken Beef and Bean Day

Date: August 13
Location: Lola Park
Address: South Josephine Avenue
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Nunn Harvest Festival

Date: August 26 – 27
Location: Town Park and the Community Center

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Platteville Harvest Daze

Date: August 19-21
Location: Riverview Park and Community Center Complex
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Severance Days

Date: August 12 – 13
Location: Lakeview Park
Address: First Street (WCR 23) and Broadview Drive
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Windsor Harvest Festival

Date: September 3 – 5
Location: various locations in Windsor
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