Breweries, Distilleries, Wineries, Meadery and Cider


Brix Taphouse and Brewery
Location: Greeley
Address: 813 8th Street
Contact: 970-397-6146
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Broken Plow Brewery

Location: Greeley
Address: 4731 West 10th Street
Contact: 970-301-4575
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Crabtree Brewing Company

Location: Greeley
Address: 2961 29th Street
Contact: 970-356-0516 or
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Echo Brewing Company

Location: Frederick
Address: 5969 Iris Parkway
Contact: 970-445-5969 or

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High Hops Brewery
Location: Windsor
Address: 6461 HWY 392
Contact: 970-674-2841
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The Industrial Revolution Brewing Company

Location: Erie
Address: 285 Cheesman Street
Contact: 303-828-1200
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Weld Werks Brewing Company

Location: Greeley
Address: 508 8th Street
Contact: 970-460-6345 or
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Wiley Roots Brewing Company

Location: Greeley
Address: 625 3rd Street
Contact: 970-691-1641 or

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Black Canyon Distillery

One-of-a-kind whiskeys that have a rich golden color, along with hints of caramel and vanilla flavors extracted from new white oak.

Location: Longmont
Address: 13710 Deere Court
Contact: 720-204-1909 or
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KJ Wood Distillery

Utilizing the Rocky Mountain glacial waters of the high country, blended with the finest of local barley and blue corn for the whiskey and the rarest European juniper berries paired with spices from the Silk Road; a line up of the most refined, elegant and mature spirits.

Location: Berthoud
Address: 403 5th Street 
Contact: 303-517-7697 or
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Syntax Spirits

This distillery makes all of their small-batch vodka, whiskey, and rum from scratch, using local ingredients and pure Colorado whitewater.

Location: Greeley
Address: 625 C 3rd Street  
Contact: 970-325-5466 or
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Bijou Creek Winery

Dedicated to offering only the finest wine made from premium grapes of several varieties from both red and white grapes.

Location: Greeley
Address: 2525 West 10th St.
Contact: 970-381-5614
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Forgotten Roots

Their extensive wine list is made almost exclusively from locally sourced fruit, honey, herbs, flowers and vegetables. Forgotten Roots also carries a wide selection of Colorado meads, wines and ciders from other local producers.

Location: Windsor
Address: 624 Main St.
Contact: 970-686-5301
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River Garden Winery

All of their wines are hand-crafted in small batches ensuring each is truly unique. They produce a wide variety of wines including fruit, estate, and traditional old world. Whether you prefer reds, whites, sweet or dry you will find something to please your palate.

Location: Fort Lupton
Address: 9490 CR 25
Contact: 303-304-4064
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Hunters Moon Meadery

This meadery makes Mead/Honey Wine with honey from their own bees.  They are mainly a production facility but do tastings/tours by appointment only.

Location: Severance
Address: 404 Immigrant Trail
Contact: 970-302-3183 or
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Wild Cider

Location: Firestone
Address: 11455 County Road 17
Contact: 303—532-9949 or
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