About This Site

In 2011, the Weld County Board of Commissioners participated in the Governor’s implementation of a statewide economic development strategy which resulted in the Colorado Blueprint: A Bottom-Up Approach to Economic Development.[1]


Colorado Blueprint (c) Weld County GovernementWeld County, which partnered with Larimer County to represent Region 2, participated in  several meetings and discussions aimed at defining six primary goals to enhance economic development of the region. One of those primary goals was to boost the appeal of the Northern Colorado Region.


Several strategies were outlined as ways to reach that goal; one of which was to create a virtual tour to promote local attractions. There are many great events, people, places and  history throughout Weld County; many of which are not as well known as they could be.


Creation of the Discover Weld web site began in 2012 and debuted in 2013. The goal of the site is to share with the public, residents of Weld County and beyond, the numerous gems that truly make Weld County a Colorado treasure.


Much like the Weld County 150th Anniversary web site, which was launched in 2011, the  Discover Weld web site is designed as a platform for growing content. The goal of the site is to engage viewers  and to share stories and information through multimedia content – an online magazine about Weld County, if you will.


Each month, new stories featuring local events, businesses, museums and attractions are  posted to the site. There is always something interesting happening in Weld County, and the Discover Weld web site aims to feature them all.


Frederick in Flight. (c) Weld County Government

In true Weld County spirit, this web site is a collaboration of efforts from many different entities: the Weld County Board of Commissioners, each of the county’s 31 municipalities, county Chambers of Commerce and Upstate Colorado.


We appreciate your interest in this site and in Weld County. We hope you will be a return visitor – virtually, through the web site, and literally, through visits to the many wonderful places and events that call Weld County home.


If you have any comments about the site, or have a suggestion of a topic you would like to see included on the site, please email



164305485(1) The Discover Weld web site was honored in 2014 with an Award of Excellence by the National Association of County Information Officers this past June. “The awards competition continually showcases the best communications and public relations
projects from public information professionals throughout the country," said NACIO President Todd McGee.